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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Conference Convergence

Back (though not fully unpacked) from the APRA conference, which by any standards was a big success, with more than a thousand attendees. I met some great people, attended some highly informative sessions, and even got to see some of San Diego. Steven Hupp and I talked about blogs and how researchers and nonprofits can, and should, get into this rapidly expanding sector of the web.

Three cheers to Elizabeth Crabtree, who not only organized this entire extravaganza, but presented a wonderful session on venture capitalists, investment bankers and hedge fund managers, a group of people who combine creativity and energy with extraordinary incomes, making them wonderful prospects. I was thinking about these folks this morning as I got back to work, and lo and behold! I ran across an article that mentioned VC blogs.

Yes, there are a few venture capitalist out there in the blogosphere, and their blogs make for interesting reading. A good place to start is VentureBlog , which has been around since February 2003 and includes posts by several venture capitalists. The topics vary from what do venture capitalists do all day? to the startup ecosystem, a look at why startups tend to cluster geographically in places like Silicon Valley. Links include a list of other VC blogs, posts sorted by category, and “What We Read.” I surfed around these links for a while and found some great posts (not necessarily recent, but still useful!) on VC basics, including Joi Ito on the investment process and David Hornik (he's an investor at August Capital and one of VentureBlog’s most frequent contributors) explaining the terminology of venture capital financing.

If your prospect pool includes venture capitalists (and if not, why not?) and you want to learn more about the world of VC, reading their blogs is a great place to start.

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